Lower Your Insurance Premiums by Implementing Fleet Telematics

The epidemic of distracted drivers and escalating claim settlements is having a large effect on the auto liability insurance market. Companies with fleets face constant exposure and should consider a telematics system that can assist in protecting employees, the business and putting underwriters at ease when they are pricing the program.

So what is a telematics system? The most basic definition is: a data collection system that makes your fleet’s activity visible to you as the fleet owner. This can include speed, hard cornering, hard braking, location monitoring and vehicle vitals.

Different system categories include:
– Cell phone apps
– GPS systems
– Standalone accelerometers and engine monitoring
– Video systems
– Driver Monitoring Services

If you are considering a telematics system to protect your business or your client’s business, it’s important to identify your goals. FieldLogix Field Resource Management System has helped improve productivity and safety for thousands of service fleets throughout North America. FieldLogix customers find that FieldLogix helps them streamline dispatching, improve technician productivity, and increase billable hours. Nationwide companies such as ServiceMaster and Trane protect their businesses and save thousands of dollars with this award-winning Field Resource Management system.