Woman Fired After Uninstalling GPS Tracking App

Image result for gps tracking mapA lawsuit recently filed by a woman in California alleges she was fired for uninstalling a GPS tracking app her employer required employees download. Although it’s not uncommon for certain employers to track employee movements during work hours, this specific app could track employee movements outside of designated work hours.

The app named in the lawsuit is Xora, which records relevant information on worker whereabouts when they’re working out of office during normal business hours.

The employee researched the app and asked her boss if the app recorded her movement while off duty. Her boss supposedly answered affirmatively and said he could even see how fast she was driving thanks to the tracking system. He also allegedly brushed off her concerns and said she should deal with it because she was earning more than at her previously held position.

In April, the employee uninstalled the app, and a few weeks later she was terminated. She is seeking $500,000 in damages.


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