GPS Tracking Enables Trunk Deliveries

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Starting next month, Audi drivers across the pond in Munich won’t have to head to the post office to pick up packages or worry about missing a delivery at home. In May, Amazon package recipients can choose to have DHL parcels delivered to the trunk of their car.

Amazon Prime customers will need to provide a general location of their vehicle and select a preferred time of delivery. They also will have to agree to having their vehicles tracked using its GPS system during the delivery window. The delivery driver will use a smartphone app to determine the exact GPS location of the car and will be granted one-time keyless entry to make the delivery.

The pilot program is only being offered to a small number of select customers, and those participating need not worry about insurance or security implications because delivery drivers won’t be able to access the interior of the car–only the trunk.

Assuming the trial is successful, Amazon promises to roll out a similar GPS tracking delivery service to customers worldwide.


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