UPS WIll Utilize Clean Energy

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UPS recently announced plans to purchase RNG from Clean Energy Fuels Corp to use in its delivery fleet vehicles. Clean Energy Fuels produces the first RNG available in commercial quantities. RNG can be made from a number of sources, including wastewater treatment, organic waste in landfills, and agriculture.

Three California UPS fueling stations in Los Angeles, Fresno, and Sacramento will supply RNG for fleet vehicles including delivery trucks and tractors, doling out nearly 1.5 million gallons of RNG to almost 400 vehicles and demonstrating RNG is a cost-effective and viable fuel option.

UPS is the largest commercial user of RNG, and by the end of 2017, the company hopes to have clocked 1 billion miles using its advanced technology fleet and alternative fuel. Currently, the UPS fleet operates near 5,500 hybrid electric, all-electric, hydraulic hybrid, LNG, CNG, biomethane, and propane vehicles.


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