Telematics Helps Elevator Engineering Systems Reduce Idling by 90%

elevator engineering servicesA telematics solution used by Elevator Engineering Services  (EES UK) in the UK has lead to a significant decrease in costs. The telematics platform used by EES UK provides comprehensive services including driver monitoring, vehicle tracking, and payroll information.

Since adopting the telematics system, the company has reduced idling by 90% in the past year. Other driver behaviors, like harsh events and speeding, are also being monitored, and the staff receives feedback about poor driving practices.

“Our industry is all about precision and safety – there can be no failures when it comes to elevators. We take the same approach to our mobile workforce,” says Ray Brown, UK commercial director at Elevator Engineering Services

CEO of the telematics company used by EES UK, Martin Hisocx, added, “It’s great to see telematics having an effect across the business at EES UK, from the finance department to the HR team. The technology has applications far beyond simple vehicle tracking as it’s more commonly known for. Timesheets, payroll, fuel reduction, driver behaviour improvement – the list goes on, and EES UK is just one example of how telematics can be utilised to become a key piece of business technology.”


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