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AT&T Increases Its Green Fleet in CA with One of a Kind Alternative Fuel Vehicle

The latest addition to AT&T’s green fleet is a one of a kind fleet vehicle. The custom fleet vehicle is a Ford F-450 truck that has been converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) and contains a hybrid electric system for power. The AT&T corporate fleet is made up of more than 75,900 vehicles.

The all-new vehicle fleet is part of AT&T’s nearly 1,600 alternative fuel vehicle fleet in California. This “green” fleet is expected to reduce over 3,500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year and reduce annual consumption of regular gasoline by over one million gallons. AT&T utilizes approximately 2,700 hybrid and CNG fleet vehicles nationwide with roughly 60% in California. Development of this all new fleet vehicle is one of myriad ways the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

U.S. Fleet Vehicles Should Get Help Going Electric with Federal Tax Credits

A report was given to Congress last week stating that Congress should provide tax credits and renewable energy bonds to replace the 16 million fleet cars and trucks in the U.S. with electric vehicles and develop the infrastructure required to power them. An organization called Electrification Coalition (EC) announced the conclusions of their report at a news conference last week.
EC said that wants to see electric fleet vehicles utilized on a huge scale. In their report, EC makes the case that identifying and solving issues arising from modernizing fleets with electric vehicles will have spillover effects for the rest of the American population.

UCSD’s Green Fleet One of the Greenest Government Vehicle Fleets in US

The University of San Diego (UCSD) Fleet Services ranked 22nd in the Seventh Annual Government Green Fleet Awards, a competition of environmentally friendly vehicle-fleet operations that is open to all federal, state and local governments in North America. According to Rex Graham of UCSD, UCSD takes great pride in its green fleet, and looks forward to further reducing its fleet emissions and overall carbon footprint. UC San Diego’s Fleet Services ranked 22nd UC Davis’ vehicle fleet ranked fourth. The two UC campuses were the only college campuses ranked. The city of San Diego’s vehicle fleet ranked 19th.

A panel of judges based the ranking on performance in seven categories:

* The degree to which fleets are made up of hybrid, electric, and alternative-fuel vehicles.
* Use of renewable fuels.
* Planning that includes budgeting for future additions of green technologies.
* Use of vehicles that are appropriately sized for the required tasks.
* A high degree of utilization of all vehicles in the fleet.
* Executive and employee involvement in implementation of improved green technologies.
* Support programs such as recycling, applying for grants and maintenance-facility improvements.

Make 2011 Fleet Management Projections Based on Actual Data with Free 30 Day Fleet Tracking Trends Demo

Ever wondered if a GPS fleet management system would save you money? Well now you can easily find out for free and with no obligation. FieldLogix was designed to help you identify where and how you can make fleets operations leaner and greener. FieldLogix offers a free 30 day demo of its fleet tracking system.

The free demo helps fleet managers to see potential cost savings based on actual fleet tracking data. The Trends Feature helps fleet managers to visualize their fleets idle, speeding, and mileage trends, and assists them to make actionable business decisions.

It allows users to drill down and views historical trending graphs of three key metrics.

1.) Idle Time – The total amount of idling hours for the asset, group, or all, during the specified time range.

2.) Speeding Occurrences – The total number of times the asset, group, or all, traveled in excessive of 65MPH during the specified time range.

3.) Total Mileage – The total miles traveled for the asset, group, or all, during the specified time period.

Huge GE Electric Vehicle Purchase Gives Green Fleet Vehicle Market a Boost

This week GE announced plans to purchase 25,000 electric cars by 2015. This the largest purchase in the history of electric vehicles. The purchases will be for its own fleet and for its Capital Fleet Services business, where customers can lease electric cars through GE. GE plans to convert over 50 percent of its massive global fleet (over 10,000 fleet vehicles) and purchase 12,000 electric cars from GM.

GM does big business in fleet sales. Fleet sales look like they’re going to be a key part of electric vehicle adoption. Corporate fleets make a lot of sense because of their sheer volume. Plus GE fleet sales are quite profitable. One of the most popular green fleet vehicles is the GE Volt, an electric vehicle that shifts to gas power after going 25 to 50 miles on its battery, so drivers aren’t entirely dependent on the battery.

According to BusinessWeek, gigantic orders like this could do a lot to push electric vehicle prices down and speed up adoption. “By electrifying our own fleet, we will accelerate the adoption curve, drive scale, and move electric vehicles from anticipation to action,” CEO Jeffrey Immelt said in a company statement.