Q3 2023 Feature Releases

proof of service - multiple picturesAugust 11, 2023 – FieldLogix announces several exciting new product updates. These new features include custom vehicle inspections, real-time tracking enhancements, and several additions to our Goose dispatching application.

This release is in-line with our goal to release several new product enhancements each quarter.


The new enhancements include:

– The ability to poll tracking devices for their current locations
– Custom vehicle inspections with user-defined inspection items
– Automated new user invitation email with a link to our training center
– GPS obstruction monitoring
– Speed notification restrictions
– Monthly scorecard reports
– Dispatch activity report displaying an audit trail of all activities for stops
– Ability to capture multiple pictures for proof of service.
– Auto tagging of landmarks for time clock events

Read more about our new capabilities here >>


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