Gap Inc. Almost Loses Thousands


A delivery truck in route to a Gap (Nasdaq:GPSNews) store in a San Francisco mall was recently stolen. The thieves managed to offload 33 boxes of merchandise worth over $45,000 into their vehicle, as reported by police.

Police say the two delivery men that drove the fleet truck had “commercially available” GPS tracking software on a cellphone that was left inside the stolen 2005 Freightliner. From that cellphone, they accessed their GPS tracking and route system to track the location of the fleet vehicle and gave that information over to the police.

The GPS fleet tracker lead police to the robbers who were behind a Starbucks at 2200 El Camino Real. Upon arrival, four suspects tried to run and the fifth suspect was seen from dashboard camera footage, according to police. There are currently five suspects booked in the Santa Clara County Jail for vehicle theft, grand theft and conspiracy, and possession of stolen property, which are all felonies. Additional charges include resisting arrest and a misdemeanor. Gap was able to retain all of the stolen property.

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