Bike Thieves Caught in Action

Cyclists enjoy riding on their bikes and bike thieves are always watching from the sideline. Bike thieves are everywhere and INSIDE EDITION (IE) wanted to put a stop to it. Their plan of attack included a $2,500 Trek Mountain bike borrowed from a Southern California bike shop called, Helen’s Cycles.


This set the perfect attraction for a thief, but little would they know about the hidden GPS and radio tracking devices on the bike.

IE’s Lisa Guerrero locked the bike in two locations and both occasions caught two thieves in action.

The first location was in North Hollywood and a man had a wire cutter handy, he then stole the bike. Following him from the GPS and radio, Guerrero found him in an underground Los Angeles Metro Station with the bike beside the thief. After Guerrero questioned the man for stealing her bike he admitted that there was no good reason.

Afterwards, Guerrero set the bike on the Venice Beach boardwalk. A man walked by the bike five times before using a tool to cut through the cable lock.

Utilizing the hidden GPS tracking device, Guerrero tracked him for two-and-a-half miles into Marina Del Rey. The robber then denied stealing the bike and claimed he “just saw it here.”  Later, Los Angeles Police Department Officers arrested the man.

GPS tracking saved cyclists from these thieves stealing bike’s anytime soon. Now bicycle’s can be traced should it be stolen. Tracking is simple to use from a cell phone, tablet, or computer.

See the video here:


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