Senator Wants Limits on Car-Tracking Data

Senator Charles Schumer warns that GPS devices and other technologies track drivers, often without their knowledge, and that information is solicited to third-party companies.

Schumer wants federal regulations in place to restrict the sale of driver data without the driver’s permission.  “If your car has a GPS, it’s tracking your every movement,” says Schumer, “It knows your favorite places to visit. It knows where you like to eat, where you shop, where you go on vacation, if you go to the doctor and a lot of other things.”  That information is then sold and used by companies to target specific consumers. A recent study showed 90 percent of car and GPS device companies share the information they collect.

Senator Schumer is pushing the Federal Trade Commission and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to establish specific guidelines on the information that can be collected and “provide clear opt-out opportunities for drivers.” The FTC and NHTSA have not responded to requests for comments.



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