GPS Tracker Improves Golf Game

Game Golf is here to improve your golf game by providing players with vital game information thanks to a tiny GPS tracker

A small plastic disc attaches to the top of each club and the player attaches a little box to their belt.  The box contains a GPS tracker and chip reader. When the player taps the marker on the club to the box on the belt it recognizes which club is being used and from where the ball is being hit. The player then repeats this for each shot. By the end of the game, the player ends up with a complete database of useful information.

The device connects via USB to a computer where the player can upload information from the GPS tracker. Although user error is the biggest flaw of the new golf GPS tracker, when used consistently the site is able to calculate average distance, provide stats on the number of putts and driving accuracy, and give players a realistic idea of their game play.

The Game Golf GPS Tracker is currently available online for $249.

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