School Bus GPS Fleet Tracking System Keeps Students Warm, Dry and Safe

school bus GPS tracking real-timeDon’t like standing around waiting for the bus? Me either, especially when it’s freezing cold or raining outside.  For some lucky students at Lehigh University, a new type of GPS fleet tracking system is being installed in the school’s fleet of school buses. The new GPS fleet tracking system will enable students to track where their bus is in real-time, so they can spend their time waiting indoors instead of outside at the bus stop. Better yet, the service is free for students!

According to Christopher Christian, director of fleet Transportation Services, “the main reason behind the bus fleet tracking system was implemented, is to make services better. It’s all about improving quality of service. Additionally, the University’s gps fleet tracking system will help the university go “green” by increasing ridership, plus reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.  Improving safety was also a big consideration. “

All students need to access the bus information is a cel phone or computer with an internet connection. Because the service is web-based, students with smartphones will not need to download an app.

Lehigh is not the first school to have a GPS tracking system on its buses, but they are the first school to use this particular type school bus tracking system, Christian said. The GPS tracking system can be customized even further as the University’s GPS tracking needs expand. For example, the school is considering possibly adding features like being able to click on buses and get real-time location and route information; and a texting feature where students without a cel phone can text a number specific to a bus stop and receive a reply telling them when the next bus will arrive.

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