Best Garmin Fleet Tracking System for Fleets with Less Than 25 Vehicles

Best Garmin Fleet Tracking System – FieldLogix

All fleets require management and monitoring. Even fleets with less than 25 vehicles. For business owners with employees and contractors on the go, investing in a GPS fleet tracking system is a smart investment because it will make their businesses more efficient and more productive. The bottom line savings that one should expect in gas bills, vehicle wear and tear and employee productivity is to be expected from a high quality fleet tracking system solution.

When you have to immediately service a customer or get your driver across town in rush hour traffic, it’s important that you have up to the minute information exactly when and how you need it so that you can make the most intelligent decision at a moment’s notice. A modern fleet tracking system can help you during moment’s like this.

One of Garmin’s best third party providers for PND-based mobile resource management and real-time vehicle tracking is FieldLogix GPS Fleet Tracking System.

FieldLogix helps fleet management make sure their vehicles are achieving maximum efficiency. Fleet owners, managers and dispatchers alike recommend FieldLogix for its cutting-edge fleet tracking and management software.

The FieldLogix Fleet Tracking System can:

  • Dispatch jobs directly to a driver’s Garmin GPS tracking system for quick and easy routing
  • Provide real-time (ETA) estimated time of arrival and departure
  • Conveniently create and assign tasks from anywhere with its mobile interface
  • Provide an automated method to monitor your fleet’s activities with real-time fleet GPS alerts
  • Deliver a feature-rich set of fleet reports to review details
  • Easily determine which jobs are pending, in progress or completed.

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