Sakel Granted Request to Relocate GPS Ankle Monitor

Kennedy cousin Michael Sakel, currently awaiting a new trial in the 1975 death of a neighbor, will have his GPS tracking device relocated from his ankle while at his son’s upcoming ski competition.

At a competition earlier in the month, Sakel was unable to fit the ankle device in a ski boot requiring him to hike up the mountain alone resulting in an asthma attack. The hours it took to hike the mountain also drained the GPS device’s battery.  As a result, according to Sakel’s attorney, “The defendant spent the vast majority of his time away from his son, rather than supporting and coaching him, even after having charged the device for the entire previous night and for one hour prior to scaling the mountain.”

Probation officials will relocate his ankle bracelet to another area of his body later this month for his son’s championships.

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