GPS Trackers Hidden in Alzheimer’s Patients’ Shoes

The GPS Shoe, originally launched two years ago, can expect to see a resurgence of interest as the number of Alzheimer’s patients grows with experts predicting numbers to double by 2030.

The shoe contains a GPS tracker built in the heel allowing caretakers to keep tabs on patients or loved-ones without the risk of patients removing the device. If the patient walks outside the designated area, a text or email will be sent to the caretaker.

Aetrex footwear and technology company, GTX, developed the shoes which retail for about $300 and are currently available in six countries, including the U.S. There are a variety of service packages to choose from with the least expensive costing about $35 a month.

Many patients with dementia resist new or unfamiliar items, especially something personal like shoes. GTX will introduce the GPS SmartSole this summer—a pair of insoles that can be swapped into the patients existing shoes. The soles will start at $200 with services starting at $10 a month.

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