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Since 2002, FieldLogix has been helping trucking companies throughout North America improve route planning and reduce delivery times with GPS truck tracking technology.  Trucking companies use FieldLogix to ensure that every mile that they travel is profitable. Additionally, they use FieldLogix to reduce wait times, improve IFTA reporting accuracy, reduce deadheading, and reduce theft. Our truck GPS tracking system has saved trucking companies thousands of dollars annually by improving efficiencies and cutting fuel costs.

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Improve Supervision & Dispatching

We provide real-time truck GPS locations to help you determine which trucks are nearby your destinations or pickup locations.  This ensures that you send the closest trucks to your destinations and reduce time on the road.

  • Real-Time location updates
  • Automatically refreshing maps
  • Google maps with Street view
  • Find closest truck to a destination
  • Maps can follow individual trucks
  • truck route planning

    Improve Truck Route Planning

    Our truck routing functionality gives you the ability to plan and optimize delivery routes for your trucks and dispatch them to your drivers.  This ensures that your trucks are taking the most efficient routes to their destinations and are saving you fuel.

  • Build, optimize, and save routes
  • Import stops from other systems
  • See travel time between stops
  • See destination arrival times
  • Re-use saved routes
  • tracking trucks with gps

    Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Our truck tracking solution gives you the ability to send ETA’s to your waiting clients.  This improves client satisfaction because your customers will know when their deliveries are in-route and they can be prepared when your trucks arrive.

  • ETA alerts when trucks are in route
  • Drivers capture proof of service photos & pictures
  • Barcode scanning for deliveries
  • Client receipts and surveys sent after delivery is complete
  • gps for trucks

    Improve Fleet Safety

    We will help you ensure that your fleet operates as safely as possible.  Our A.I.-based truck fleet management system identifies drivers who are at risk of being involved in a crash.  Our dash cameras give you the ability to monitor in-cab and road activity to identify potential driver distractions and fraudulent accident claims.

  • Artificial Intelligence-based Crash Risk report
  • Driver safety scorecard
  • Maximum & posted speed violation alerts
  • Driver distraction monitoring & alerts
  • Crash event recording
  • Vehicle inspection app
  • gps tracking device for trucks

    Improve Truck & Cargo Security

    Our truck tracking system gives you various tools that will help you reduce cargo theft.  You will receive theft alerts so you can dispatch law enforcement as quickly as possible to recover your trucks before your cargo is stolen.

  • Alerts if trucks leave geofenced areas
  • After hours activity alerts
  • Exterior cameras to record vehicle break ins
  • Video of in-cab activity while parked
  • Real-time video streaming
  • Driver panic button saves videos and sends alerts
  • gps tracking device for trucks

    Reduce Truck Fuel Expenses

    We will help you reduce your fuel expenses so you can stay under budget.  We provide various tools that will help your truck fleet better plan your delivery routes and manage your trucks’ fuel efficiency.

  • Route optimization
  • Route deviation monitoring
  • Idling monitoring and alerts
  • Speeding monitoring and alerts
  • MPG monitoring
  • Fuel card fraud monitoring
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • truck gps

    Improve Truck Maintenance

    We help you stay on top of your truck maintenance needs.  You have the ability to schedule preventative maintenance reminders and get alerts when the trucks are due for service.  You will also receive notifications when your trucks trigger diagnostic trouble code alerts so you can repair the trucks right away and avoid higher expenses due to neglected repair needs.

  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts
  • Vehicle inspection app
  • Current vehicle vitals (fuel & fluid levels, temps, etc)
  • trucking fleet tracking sustainability

    Improve Fleet Sustainability

    We give you various tools that help you eliminate two activities that waste the most fuel – idling and speeding.  We will rank and score your drivers based on their sustainability practices and give you a picture of your overall trucking fleet’s performance.

  • Driver sustainability scorecard
  • Idling and speeding trends comparison
  • Driver behavior projections
  • Fleet benchmarking
  • CO2 emissions monitoring
  • truck tracking state mileage report

    Stay in Compliance

    We will help you stay in compliance with FMCSA regulations to help you avoid fines and file accurate records.  You can use our reports to file state mileage reports and one of our applications to log driver Hours of Service logs.

  • State mileage reports for IFTA fuel tax reporting
  • Hours of Service logging 
  • Vehicle inspection (DVIR) app
  • “Thanks to our GPS we retrieved a stolen vehicle with 30 minutes of the theft!” – Edye @ Specialty Doors

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