Police Use iPhone GPS System to Catch Stolen Truck

This week a man in El Paso, TX, left his truck running in the driveway and ran back inside to retrieve something before he headed off to work.  He told the Police he was only away from the vehicle for a few moments, and to his dismay, someone jumped inside the running vehicle and drove away.

Lucky for the truck owner, he had left his Apple iPhone (AAPL) on the passenger seat of the vehicle. Police said 29-year-old, Joshua Mitzelfelt, allegedly stole the unattended vehicle but did not notice the iPhone.

The truck owner began tracking his vehicle’s location though a website monitoring the phone’s GPS system application while updating sheriff dispatchers. Officers spotted the truck about seven miles from the owner’s residence and arrested the driver.

Apparently the man they arrested with possession of several other items that had recently been stolen in the local area. Based on this evidence, police were then able to link the suspect to several other burglaries in the area. The suspect was also in possession of illegal drugs. He was charged with possession of a controlled substance, second degree aggravated motor vehicle theft and first degree burglary.



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