Man Drives Into a House, Blames GPS System

This weekend a man in New Jersey was driving in heavy fog with his wife and children in the car. Unsure of where he was going, and with very limited visibility, he was blindly relying on is GPS system….and ending up driving straight into someone’s house.

The accident happened on at an intersection where drivers could only turn left or right. Instead, the driver told police he was relying on his GPS system, which said to go straight at the intersection.

Not only did the driver miss his turn, he also went through a stop sign without stopping and then continued off-road for 100 feet before hitting a house. The driver and his son were unharmed but his wife and 13-year-old daughter, neither of whom were wearing seat belts, both reportedly suffered serious neck and head injuries.

While GPS systems are not always 100% reliable all of the time, no one should rely blindly on GPS in severe weather conditions.  Police did not comment on whether they thought the motorist was telling the truth, or just trying to pass blame on his GPS navigation system.



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