FieldLogix Benefits for Transportation Fleets

Build, Optimize, and Dispatch Daily Routes to your Vehicles.


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Since 2002, FieldLogix has been providing our transportation fleet tracking system to organizations throughout North America improve route planning and customer service. Companies use FieldLogix’s transportation tracking system to meet the performance requirements of their contracts. Additionally, they use the data from FieldLogix to provide accurate billing records to their clients. Our work has saved transportation companies thousands of dollars annually by improving efficiencies and cutting fuel costs. Our fleet management solution for transportation companies is very flexible and affordable.

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Improve Arrival Times

Customer service can be negatively impacted when drivers have little to no accountability with regards to stop arrival and departure times. Late arrivals & pickups can lead to lost revenue and violate performance contracts. With our real-time GPS tracking system, we can help ensure that your drivers stick to your prescribed route schedules.

  • Real-time location updates
  • Locate on demand
  • Google maps with real-time traffic
  • Breadcrumb history replay
  • transportation fleet routing

    Make Better Routing Decisions

    Building routes manually is very time consuming and often very inaccurate. Poor routing leads to wasted fuel, late arrival times, and unhappy passengers. With FieldLogix, you can build optimal routes for your drivers and watch your drivers as they complete them.

  • Build & save optimized routes
  • Dispatch routes to drivers’ in-vehicle devices
  • View drivers’ progress within routes in real-time
  • Review past routes to ensure that each stop was completed
  • transportation fleet tracking eta's

    Improve Customer Service

    Companies like Uber understand that it is extremely important to focus on the client’s experience in order to keep them loyal. In order to remain competitive in today’s environment, it is critical to provide an experience that meets your clients’ expectations. Our Goose mobile dispatching app allows your drivers to alert your waiting customers when they are in route to their locations. We also collect feedback on the drivers’s performance.

  • Send ETA’s to your waiting clients
  • Send the drivers’ pictures to waiting clients
  • Clients call or text drivers with new instructions
  • Collect feedback on your drivers’ performance
  • transportation fleet safety tracking

    Improve Transportation Fleet Safety

    Driving a vehicle full of passengers is a huge liability for any organization. According to the Department of Transportation, each year over 48,000 busses are involved in crashes which cause millions of dollars in property damage. By closely monitoring how your vehicles are being driven, we can help you reduce this liability dramatically.

  • Crash Risk report using Artificial Intelligence
  • Driver safety scorecard
  • Max speeding alerts
  • Posted speed limit violation alerts
  • Aggressive driving monitoring
  • Monitor route deviations
  • Vehicle inspection app
  • In cab cameras
  • Distracted driver monitoring
  • transportation fleet dtc codes

    Improve Fleet Maintenance

    Keeping your vehicles on the road is critical to ensure that you don’t experience vehicle downtime that could negatively impact your customers’ experience. We can help you keep tabs on your vehicle’s maintenance needs with proactive alerts and vehicle health monitoring.

  • Vehicle health report
  • Maintenance reminder alerts
  • Monitor fluid levels & pressure
  • Monitor fuel consumption
  • “FieldLogix is really great. We love the ability to be able to track our employees, especially since they work in different states.” – Heather @ Sierra Solutions

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