New GPS Tracking Device Offers Peace of Mind


POM and Total POM combine GPS, Bluetooth, and cellular technology to provide a comprehensive tracking device that will offer users peace of mind (POM).

POM is developed and produced in the USA and because it doesn’t rely on GPS technology alone, it can track people and items inside buildings as well as outdoors. Another benefit, the tracking device doesn’t require recharging.

The device is smaller than a key fob and can be worn around the wrist, attached to a keychain, secured to a dog collar, or hidden in a wallet. The company is hoping to raise $75,000 on Kickstarter to begin production. “Early Backers” (the first 250 people) can purchase the device for just $15 while “Early Bird” pricing (first 500 orders) is $20 and anyone ordering after that can expect to pay $25. The campaign is running through July 2014 with shipping beginning in Winter 2014.


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