Electric Fleet Vehicles Growing in Numbers at UK Universities



Universities in the United Kingdom utilize a larger number of electric vehicle fleets than almost any other organization. In 2013, electric vehicle registrations accounted for only 0.11% of all auto registrations. However, a survey of 116 UK universities conducted by Intelligent Car Leasing showed 7.73% of university fleet vehicles are electric.

“With a fast growing green energy sector in the UK electric vehicles are fast becoming an all-round low carbon driving option. It’s brilliant to see such a high adoption rate among the UK’s universities and hopefully this is a good indicator of the broader motoring picture in years to come,” said Peter McAllister of Intelligent Car Leasing.

More than half of universities surveyed own at least one electric vehicle, and those who didn’t plan to purchase electric vehicles in the future. The University of East Anglisa took the top spot with 23% of their fleet comprised of electric vehicles. The University of Glasgow and the University of Manchester rounded out the top three with 13.39% and 13%, respectively.

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