Meal Delivery Industry is Taking Over

dinner_food_home_meal_deliveryThe meal delivery service industry has skyrocketed over the last two years in the United States and worldwide. Almost every month there is a new startup offering fresh food delivered straight to your front door.

Customers are eating up every opportunity they can to have fresh food delivered directly to their door without the hassle of leaving the house to eat out for essentially the same cost.

The meal delivery service is booming, and while these startups have no trouble raising money, they are struggling to keep up with the demand and competition within the growing industry.

While the competitive landscape gets tighter, meal delivery services are searching for better techniques to help deliver quicker and expand farther and provide a superior customer experience. FieldLogix’s new dispatching mobile app Goose, helps delivery companies optimize and dispatch their drivers’ routes to improve efficiency.

With Goose, jobs can be dispatched out to your drivers via our mobile app and allows you to view the details of the drivers’ completed deliveries. Goose also has an ETA feature that is one of the most popular features.  With ETA alerts, customers are alerted when the driver is in-route to ensure they are home when their meal is delivered.

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