New Time Clock Feature to be Released on Goose

FieldLogix announces the new “time clock” feature to be released on October 10th, 2016, on their Android mobile dispatching app, Goose!

With the time clock feature:

Management can review drivers’ complete time card report. Also, driver accountability is enhanced with exact locations of where drivers go on-duty and off-duty. Also, with the feature, drivers that are on-duty will have their GPS location updated every 15 minutes to ensure management can keep track of their activity.

Drivers can stay engaged and add notes to detail work performed or any other aspects of their workday when they go on-duty and off-duty. The time clock is built with reminders for your drivers to reduce the likelihood of forgetting to clock in or clock out.  Additionally, your drivers can see view a history of their on-duty and off-duty times and locations.

FieldLogix continuously adds innovative features in order to help management and drivers have an easier workflow and provide their customers with the best experience. FieldLogix is excited to have Goose’s new time clock feature released on Android and soon on iOS. Goose, an innovative dispatching app, will help you run your business like a pro.

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