Kitty GPS-Tracking Collar Has Arrived

A Swiss company is using Indiegogo to introduce a kitty GPS-tracking collar. The company is hoping to raise $100,000 by January 6th in order to launch the new collar designed specifically for felines.

The majority of GPS collars on the market are targeted at dog owners and are generally too heavy and bulky for cats, leading the petTracer team to design this collar for just cats. According to petTracer, “Over the past few years the petTracer team has spent a considerable amount of time analyzing cats and their behavior, natural habitats and needs.” The collar is lightweight and looks and feels like a normal cat collar.

Feline owners can use a smartphone, tablet, or computer to keep track of their pets in real-time, trace where the animal has gone throughout the day, and a charge can last up to seven days. Users can also set safety zones and receive a notification when their pet goes beyond the perimeter.

Supporters can benefit from several different perks offered during the campaign, and can even order a reseller package. Early-bird pricing starts at $144 on the Indiegogo website.

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