iKeyMonitor for iPhone Updated with GPS Tracking

The iPhone app iKeyMonitor has released an updated version with a GPS tracking feature and word it will soon be available on the Android platform as well.

The GPS tracking feature allows the user to find the precise location of the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. targeted. GPS information is also recorded, including time stamps, address, and coordinates, and the location can be seen on Apple maps or Google maps.

Mark Simon, CEO of Awosoft, the company that developed iKeyMonitor, says, “As a parent, I believe there are situations where tracking cell phone location makes sense for parents on children’s phone. That’s the main reason why the feature is introduced. And this parent-friendly feature will be available for Android users soon.”

Aside from keeping tabs on children, the cell phone tracking can help recover lost or stolen devices. The location history is sent to the user’s email and the app takes a photo of the person holding the lost or stolen phone. After installation, the app stays hidden in the background and can record web history, keystrokes, calls, and messages.

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