History & Touch ID now on Hey Goose

FieldLogix is proud to announce their latest update which includes driver history and touch ID to help save time and improve security. Both are now available on iOS!

Touch ID Login

With the “Touch ID” feature users have the ability to login with a fingerprint and more! Now, customers’ private information is more secure when employees only have access to their job information. As well as, prevent “ghost” clock-ins to improve time sheet accuracy with fewer “on and off-duty” false reports.

Driver History

Before, drivers would check-in with management to view their route history.

Now, drivers can be self-accountable with access to their own route history on a map to verify time sheets. The route history updates every 15 minutes and appears as a blue-circle icon on the map. By clicking on one of the circle figures, drivers can access a specific time and date of when they were at that location on the map.

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