Don’t Get “Uber’d”, 3 Reasons why Customer Experience Matters

customer experienceFor years, the term “customer experience” has been a buzzword that appeared to be isolated to the tech industry. In reality, tech companies have been using an improved customer experience in order to disrupt traditional industries. Many successful “startups” such as Uber and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) have discovered two major “gaps” that weren’t being filled by the traditional providers within their industries. For Uber, it is the use of an app to easily hail a ride and provide you with an exact arrival time instead of risking your life to flag down a cab while dodging traffic. For Amazon, it is the ability to quickly deliver a product to you with the simple click of a button instead of a 1 hour trip to the store. Both of these companies disrupted their respective industries and have decimated most of the traditional product and service providers within a short amount of time. Now, an untold number of startups are looking at every industry (including yours) for customer experience gaps that they can exploit with technology.

Here are three reasons why improving customer experience will help you survive:

1. Defend against aggressive startups. If you aren’t encountering aggressive tech startups already, it is only a matter of time before one of these companies will blindside you by offering a product or service that has a much better customer experience than yours. If you don’t defend forcefully and quickly, they will see traction and will eventually raise significant capital and erode your client base with better technology and very aggressive pricing. It is critical that you identify and adopt technology that gives you a better defense against these startups before they make traction in your industry.

2. Grow your market. By utilizing technology that improves your customers’ experience, you will be able to win more business from your more traditional competition. Customers appreciate technology that provides them with the information that they need quickly and easily. It will be another arrow in your sales and marketing arsenal.

3. Improve customer loyalty. As the old adage goes, it is much less expensive to keep an existing customer than it is to win a new customer. The best way to keep your existing customers happy is to provide them with technology that tells them when your products and services will arrive and gives them the ability to provide feedback on your performance.

Here at FieldLogix, we have been working with traditional businesses such as Trane and Coca-Cola for nearly 15 years. We appreciate the value that traditional businesses provide, which can’t be matched by VC-Funded startups. Because of this, we developed the Goose mobile app that gives organizations the ability to build efficient routes for their mobile employees, send ETA’s to waiting clients, and capture feedback from clients on your employee’s performance.

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