GPS Tracking Systems Help Drivers Arrive Safely and On Time During Tough Winter Weather

GPS snow plowGPS tracking systems are being used across the US to help drivers get through the tough winter months.  This winter has been especially tough on many parts of the US, particularly the North West. Even cities such as Las Vegas, Atlanta and Austin are getting snow this winter.

When it snows a lot like it has been, most people wake up and want to know when the next snow plow will be coming through their neighborhood. Often times the information is difficult and/or time consuming to find, if it is even available at all. But now, thanks to a real-time fleet GPS tracking system and a city website,  residents of Castle Rock, Colorado town are now able to stay abreast of snow plow progress throughout their community in real-time 24/7.

Each snowplow in Castle Rock is equipped with a GPS tracking device which allows the trucks to be tracked on city streets.  By providing this service, the City hopes to not only improve communications with residents, but also improve safety for the public and reduce costs through better fleet tracking. The tracking system also allows town employees to monitor where the plows are at any given time. Plows can then be deployed more quickly to certain areas that need immediate attention, and if a plow breaks down other crews can find its exact location.

The website shows which streets have been plowed and which streets still need to be cleared.  Residents can see approximate times for when a snowplow is expected to come to their neighborhood. The GPS tracking system data can help drivers navigate the best route to and from destinations. It can help drivers arrive safely at their destination by avoiding uncleared roads. “Different roads are cleared at different times on different days so it can be life-changing to know in real-time which roads are open and which ones are closed or congested,” said one Castle Rock resident.,0,151922.story

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