Vehicle GPS Tracking System in Dallas Garbage Trucks Pays Off

 fleet vehicle gps tracking systemGPS tracking systems were installed in the City of Dallas’ garbage truck fleet at the end of 2009. At that point in time, some people were not convinced that the GPS tracking system would be worth the hefty price tag of $700,000. Several City Councilmembers voted against the deal over concerns echoed by the sanitation drivers union and a rejected GPS bidder. “There’s no proof that it’s going to work,” said union spokesperson Elisa Gonzalez. “

But the majority of City administrators believed that by monitoring sanitation workers and improving the fleet management efforts of garbage trucks, they would be able to reduce overtime and increase overall efficiency and performance of waste removal teams. And turns out, they were right.

Dallas City Officials recently announced that the tracking system (in the first 12 months of use) has saved the city $677,000 – almost paying for itself. That means the GPS tracking system is saving the City of Dallas a little over $56,000 month. Now that is an amazing ROI!

Initially there was resistance from sanitation workers who were not so keen on being tracked by the GPS tracking system. Many mobile workers are fearful of “Big Brother’ watching over them.  GPS tracking system devices installed on government vehicles are helping cities across the U.S. reduce waste and abuse, in part by catching employees shopping, working out at the gym or otherwise loafing while on the clock. But Many of the sanitation workers in Dallas realized that the tracking system really wasn’t that bad and in some cases even made their job easier. Clearly the vehicle tracking system is paying off and the city is happy they made made the right decision. The city uses GPS mapping to help construct routes and to locate the closest truck for citizens reporting missed pick ups.

In light of the current macroeconomic conditions, cities everywhere across the United States are being forced to make budget cuts. Many cities are turning to a GPS tracking system to help cut costs and save money.

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