CARB Awards Recognize Small Businesses Leadership in Reducing Environmental Impact

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is accepting nominations for its CoolCalifornia Small Business Awards, which recognize small California businesses (under 100 employees) that have shown leadership and taken action to reduce their energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions and made notable, voluntary achievements towards reducing their environmental impact.  Nominations are being accepted until January 24, 2011.

Two categories of awards will be given — one recognizing the CoolCalifornia “Small Businesses of the Year” and another to the CoolCalifornia “Climate Leaders.”

The businesses of the year must demonstrate significant, measurable actions taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, invest in clean or renewable energy, purchase environmentally-conscious products such as hybrid or electric vehicles, and educate employees, customers and the general public. The “Climate Leaders” will be the most proactive nominees in reducing environmental impacts, through changes that may include efficient lighting, recycling programs, increased weatherization or the buying of environmentally-friendly products.

“There are many small California businesses that are taking innovative and creative steps to green their operations and raise their bottom line,” said CARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols. “The CoolCalifornia Small Business Awards offer them an opportunity to help other businesses learn how simple steps can cut their carbon footprint and save them money.”

Companies surviving the Great Recession are realizing they can no longer ignore the built in inefficiencies within their operations. By improving a fleet’s efficiency, companies can reduce more than 6 million metric tons of carbon pollution each year, as well as save over $2 billion annually. Telematics-enabled fleet management systems can help to significantly reduce a fleet’s operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

In today’s tough economic climate, profit margins are slim and companies must implement as many cost-saving initiatives as possible. In order to stay competitive, companies have to look very closely at every penny spent. Because a fleet management system can provide an ROI in less than six months and immediately reduce fuel consumption, plus produce ecological benefits, companies both large and small are utilizing them to create profitable, sustainable fleets.

Wireless fleet management systems can put a spotlight on a driver’s habits that consume excessive fuel and emit unnecessary pollution. The most frequent of these activities include excessive speeding, idling and sudden acceleration and stops. Tracking these types of activities is essential to achieving a fuel-efficient green fleet.

California small businesses that meet the requirements as defined by the California Department of General Services can apply for an award online at

The awards ceremony and reception is being planned for early May 2011 in Sacramento, CA. Winners will be featured on the CoolCalifornia website.

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