GPS Tracking Devices on Players Enhances Fan Experience


As more and more NFL teams are beginning to use GPS tracking devices during practice to provide insight on player performance, the NFL is finding a way to uses the devices to enhance spectator experience.

This season, players will have two small sensors in their shoulder pads in a move the NFL hopes will enhance viewer experience both in the stadium and on TV at home. In the future, the sensors will integrate with training technology already in use. Some information football fans can expect to see this season thanks to the sensors are how quickly a player accelerated, how far he ran, and the distance between a receiver and a defensive back.

According to the vice president of domestic media and business development for the NFL, Vishal Shah, “What you’re going to see is touchpoints that happen throughout the league. Certainly, the most comprehensive and impactful might be to the fans themselves. But it’s going to touch areas of our league and give us a deeper understanding of our game.”


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