GPS Tracker Helps Police Catch Man on Burglary Spree

Police in Spokane, WA recently used a GPS tracking device to solve at least one recent business burglary. The suspect has been linked to more than 40 burglaries in the area. All the robberies targeted tattoo shops, hair and nail salons, and other types of businesses.

Witnesses reported seeing and hearing a Ford Bronco with a loud muffler. Local police and patrol officers had made several stops on a Bronco that matched witness reports and linked the vehicle to Robert Frates. Detectives then placed a GPS tracking device on both Frates’ Bronco and a Chevy Lumina. One of the vehicles was tracked to several locations in Airway Heights and investigators later learned that those locations had been burglarized.

Police detectives spent followed Frates and arrested him on a single burglary charge. The detectives also found methamphetamine in his possession, which led to an additional drug charge.  Police are still working to connect him to the other robberies.

GPS tracking has become an invaluable tool for criminal investigators and law enforcement. Criminal investigators have found a variety of uses for GPS tracking. GPS trackers can be used to investigate suspected criminals, GPS trackers can be used to monitor individuals on probation or parole, and GPS tracking can be used to locate stolen items.

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