GPS Fleet Management Expert Appointed to CA Emergency Medical Services

GPS fleet tracking and fleet management solutions expert Aaron Hamilton was recently appointed by California Governor Jerry Brown to the California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA). Mr. Hamilton was chosen by the Governor to enhance EMSA’s ability to utilize emerging communications and GPS tracking technology to respond to serious emergencies and potential terrorist threats, according to a press release.

This is a very important appointment by the Governor, as it recognizes Aaron as a leader in GPS fleet tracking. According to the Governor’s office, ” Aaron very may well be the foremost expert in GPS-based fleet deployment and management technologies.”

Hamilton is CEO of GPS Logic, a California-based GPS software technology company. In this role, Mr. Hamilton is the lead technology engineer responsible for all GPS fleet management and mobile data communications architecture and software. Through GPS Logic, Hamilton’s software systems have been recognized by nationally known leaders from government and business for their cutting edge innovations and advancements in GPS tracking, web and mobile gateway technologies.

Mr. Hamilton was the lead developer for GPS Logic when it developed the Logic 5000, a sophisticated mobile communication platform that allows medical, fire and law enforcement vehicles to deliver high-speed wireless data transmission from sensors for delivery of a multitude of data, including biological and radiological substances.

That information is integrated with an Automatic Vehicle Tracking Location and Mapping GPS System that allows real time coordination and assignment of mobile assets and responders. Using rich textured maps, emergency response managers are able to view every outfitted emergency vehicle in the state, its location and availability in real time. This allows for instant identification and deployment of the closest and most appropriate response team to the incident of greatest need.

About the EMSA – EMSA’s mission of the California Emergency Medical Services Authority is to ensure quality patient care by administering an effective, statewide system of coordinated emergency medical care, injury prevention, and disaster medical response.


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