FieldLogix + NAV Brings Turn-by-Turn Garmin Vehicle Navigation to Fleet Tracking

Field Technologies, the Creator of the FieldLogix GPS Tracking System, Today Introduced FieldLogix+NAV, a GPS Tracking and Navigation Platform That Brings Together the Benefits of Both GPS Fleet Tracking and Garmin Turn-by-Turn In-Vehicle Navigation

SAN DIEGO, CA, Apr 09, 2009 —Field Technologies, a leading developer of GPS tracking systems, today launched FieldLogix+NAV, a product that delivers fleet owners the benefits of both GPS fleet tracking and Garmin turn-by-turn driver navigation.

This new product is designed to streamline fleet performance and efficiency. What this means is that businesses with mobile employees now have the opportunity to provide better customer service while increasing profits.

“This is really the first logistics product that allows fleet managers and their drivers to work together,” said Yukon Palmer, of Field Technologies. “It really allows businesses to improve their customer satisfaction,” he added.

As another advantage, Bryan Strodthoff of Field Technologies stated, “With the release of FieldLogix+NAV, fleet owners finally have a way of getting employee buy-in for GPS tracking systems . It’s really a win-win situation for both our customers and their technicians.”

This product is one of the first to offer deep integration between GPS fleet tracking and Garmin driver navigation systems . With its launch, fleet managers and drivers have the opportunity to be more effective than they would with any stand-alone tracking system.

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