Field Technologies Announces an Annual Sales Increase of 60%

January 21, 2009 – Field Technologies’ revenue has increased by 60% during 2008. The company has seen such a significant increase primarily due to its sales of the FieldLogix GPS fleet tracking system. FieldLogix hardware sales alone are nearly 700 percent higher than they were during 2007.

Demand for GPS tracking has been significantly higher due to the desire by many companies to improve productivity during the economic slowdown. FieldLogix helps these companies improve employee productivity, reduce fuel costs, and improve operational efficiency. Many of Field Technologies’ customers immediately
see a double-digit reduction in labor and fuel costs after installing the FieldLogix GPS tracking system.

FieldLogix has been successfully beating out the competition for three reasons.

1. User-friendly interface: After having intimate knowledge of the most popular competitive offerings, the designers of FieldLogix decided that a very user-friendly interface was a requirement to drive large-scale adoption of the product. The product was built to be powerful enough for the Fortune 500 IT manager, yet user-friendly enough for the least computer savvy person.

2. Affordable: The product uses the best-in-class 3rd party GPS tracking equipment. This allows the company to capitalize on the economies of scale created by the thousands of other users of the same in-vehicle equipment. This keeps the equipment costs very low and the savings are passed to the customers to drive the volume of equipment orders.

3. Automated: FieldLogix offers one of the most extensive sets of user notification alerts. Alerts range from notifications of drivers starting work late to maintenance reminders. The alerts feature brings problem issues to the user’s attention immediately and reduces the need to review several reports to discover noncompliance issues.

“We are very proud of that all of our painstaking efforts in being sure that FieldLogix exceeds our customers’ requirements have paid off. Throughout the years, we have always put forth our best efforts to ensure that our customers receive the best products and services from us. Since we commenced development of FieldLogix, we have been determined to develop a system that offered the most reliable in-vehicle equipment and the best web application in the industry. Our revenue growth illustrates that our efforts are paying off and we are on track to become one of the dominant providers in our industry.”

About Field Technologies: Field Technologies provides GPS tracking systems to companies throughout the US. The company provides products that operate with technologies developed by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Motorola, T-Mobile, and ESRI. Due to our industry leading products and customer support, Field Technologies has continued to grow dramatically and has GPS devices installed in thousands of vehicles nationwide.

For more information about our products and for a free product demonstration, visit our website at or call us at 888-803-0200.

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