GPS Tracking Collar Helps Find Missing Pets

pet-trackingMost pets have a microchip embedded under their skin that holds identifying information. However, these microchips are only useful once the lost pet has been taken to a facility with a microchip reader where it is scanned and eventually the owner of the animal can be reached.  Although these microchips have helped return many lost pets to worried and grateful owners, the microchips don’t provide owners a way to find their pets when they wander from home.

Instead, many owners are now turning to GPS tracking technology to keep tabs on their furry friends. GPS tracking collars are becoming more mainstream and infinitely more helpful to pet owners.  Garmin offers a collar designed specifically for dogs who go hunting with their owners that costs about $600.  While that price is too steep for most, Tagg—The Pet Tracker offers a device called the Tagg Tracker that runs just under $100, attaches directly to the collar, and allows the owner to follow their pet’s movements on a smartphone. If the pet strays from a specified zone, the owner is altered through email or text.  An added bonus of the tracker is the ability to monitor a pet’s physical activity allowing owner’s a way to optimize their pet’s health and fitness.




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