Fleet Management Training Announced at Biggest U.S. Work Truck Show 2011

saltzgiver-fleet-managerFleet Management Training 2011

The biggest Work Truck Show in the U.S. is going to be at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis March 8-10, 2011. Work Truck Show 2011 will take place in conjunction with the 47th Annual National Truck Equipment Association Conference. Additionally the Green Truck Summit and other fleet management educational seminars will begin March 7, 2011. There will be several fleet management training sessions, including the following:

1) Fleet Management Symposium:
Designed for all fleet management professionals regardless of industry, this Symposium focuses on best practices and strategies that dramatically impact your fleet and shop financial, operational and productivity performances. Whether you operate a fleet of 10 or 10,000 units, this day-and-a-half intensive program will help you to reduce costs, increase efficiency and make your job easier to do.

2) Ways to Implement a Fuel Management Program

Fleet managers understand that fuel expenses are one of the biggest expenses in their budgets. Often times fuel costs are subject to the whims of market supply and demand, making control a huge challenge. Gain insights and ideas on how a fleet organization can implement a holistic fuel management program guaranteed to reduce fuel expenses.

Topics include:

  • Deploying emerging technologies to aid in reducing fuel costs.
  • The link between driver behavior and fuel cost reductions.
  • Strategies to lessen the market volatility of fuel costs.
  • The impact of preventive maintenance (PM) and maintenance activities on fleet performance, operating costs and emissions.

Presented by: Steve Saltzgiver, Director – Fleet Operations, North America, Coca-Cola North America (Atlanta, GA)

Steve Sill, NTEA convention chairman and president of Aspen Equipment Company in MN. “The Work Truck Show offers four full days of unmatched training, innovative product launches, abundant networking opportunities and specialized equipment that you just won’t find anywhere else.”

The Work Truck Show 2011 will  feature:

  • 500,000 square feet of the newest truck chassis, bodies, equipment and components.
  • More than 40 training sessions to help improve fleet management and shop operations
  • Newest products and technical support from more than 500
  • Intense education programs on upfitting, regulatory compliance, and business management

For more information, visit Work Truck Show 2011.

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