Fleet Tracking System with GPS Costs Less Than You Think

fleet tracking system cuts fuel costs

Fleet Tracking System with GPS Offers Quick ROI

In today’s tough economy, many small businesses are trying to survive the recession and are not too keen on spending their cash. So the question arises of the ROI of GPS Fleet Tracking. Is investing in a Fleet Tracking System with GPS worth it?

The purpose of a fleet tracking system is to increase productivity and cut costs. Because most of the cost-savings results of implementing a fleet tracking system are immediate and long-lasting – it ends up costing a lot less than you may think.  With a GPS enabled fleet tracking system, you can see exactly what is happening when your trucks leave your sight. It’s like being a fly on the wall. For example, you can see exactly how much fuel is being wasted from unnecessary idle time.

A typical truck can waste one gallon of fuel during idling. If you trucks idle for three hours per day during their deliveries, then you driver unknowingly can be wasting over $9.00 a day in fuel. This may not sound like much, but over time it really adds up quickly. In this case, at $9/day and 300 days of operation per year – you could easily be wasting over $2700 per year.

One of the biggest eye opening things about fleet tracking is the change in driver behavior – which has a bigger impact on your expenses than you may realize. Fleet productivity almost always increases once the drivers know that they are being watched, especially when fleet managers offer incentives for consistently burning less fuel and arriving safely and on-time at their stops.

Not only is there an increase in productivity, but overtime costs are quickly eliminated or at least significantly reduced.  A Fleet tracking system with GPS enables fleet operators to keep electronic driver and employee- hours-worked records.  The next time you schedule a driver for a pick-up or delivery, the fleet tracking system can instantly locate the best vehicle and driver for the particular job.

The Best Value in Fleet GPS Systems is Fieldlogix, the ultimate in GPS fleet tracking systems. The FieldLogix GPS fleet management system is easy to use and can immediately cut fleet fuel costs. FieldLogix fleet GPS system has one of the most comprehensive reporting systems available to help you analyze and optimize your fleet and it is a great value. No one else in the market has such a powerful, yet cost-effective solution for tracking fleet vehicles and equipment.

The FieldLogix GPS fleet management system was built to be so user-friendly that users with limited computer skills could master it and produce results quickly. You can stay on top of your fleet’s status by viewing real-time asset location information, along with your driver’s speed, location, and ignition status.  FieldLogix fleet GPS system frees you from digging through fleet tracking reports to determine when employees are violating your policies. You can simply create rules and it e-mails you when they are broken.