10 Ways For Small Businesses to Be More Productive

Energy efficiency concept

Energy efficiency concept

Here are some proven ways to help your small business up productivity and down your stress level.

1.Do What You Dislike First

They remain on your mind and prevent you from focusing completely on anything else. This only drags down your productivity. Get the crumby things done first, and you will be free to stride forward with your work day.

2. Become a Techie

Research apps that will help your business reach optimum efficiency. Don’t be afraid to road test some new methods of increasing your productivity through implementing some sort of technology. For example, In fleet related industries, many companies are leaning towards implementing GPS Tracking or Telematics Systems in their vehicles. This not only improves their individual productivity but also their company’s performance in general.

3. Automate Automate Automate

Automate the services that frustrate you most. This will prevent them from slowing you down, allowing for a much more positive and smooth running work week. You will be much more satisfied and available to tackle the tasks that need you most.

4. Buy Some Plants

Seems strange, yes. But this is actually proven to be completely true. A study consisting of 90 experiments conducted by the University of Exeter found that houseplants can improve both, creativity and general wellbeing. They also allow you to increase concentration, igniting greater productivity. Another factor found in the study is that plant filled rooms had less bacteria, so you might even see a decrease in employee sick days.

5. Snack!

We know that skipping meals is a huge NO. But what you might not know is that how you snack is a major factor in your overall productivity. You want to skip the bagels, muffins and pretzels. Instead, go for things that have a  low-glycemic index because they will keep you going longer, unlike foods with a high-glycemic index that cause the ever dreaded “sugar crash”. Examples of low-glycemic index snacks are hummus and veggies, peanuts, bananas, greek yogurt or apples with almond butter. Bring a mini stash to work and feel the energy take charge!

6. Optimize E-Mail Use

Delete emails that you have no need for. This will clear your inbox and allow for a makeshift to-do list that works wonders on your efficiency and decreases the amount of time wasted checking emails. Also, take an hour to go through and unsubscribe from all of those accounts that have you on a list. If they aren’t helping you, they are just wasting your time and your computer storage.

7. Stop Multitasking

This is tough to do for many leaders however it has been known for some time that though the quality of your work might not suffer when multitasking, the amount of time it takes switching back and forth is harming your business. Give your complete focus to what is most important and move on.

8. Take Breaks

Research by Peretz Lavie determined that 90 minute work bursts with short, 15 to 20 minute breaks in between are actually in better sync with our mind’s natural energy cycles. This will make the work you do more productive and allow you to lower stress levels.

9. Empower Your Team

Your team wants to be the best for you. Show them that you know they can be. When they feel they are on more equal terms with you, the office morale increases along with productivity all around. If you feel the need to micromanage your team, you might want to rethink your hiring decisions.

10. Take a Few Field Trips

Working remotely is the new window office. Make the necessary changes to allow yourself to work one day per week outside of the office. Be it at home or at a cafe nearby, the change in scenery will decrease feelings of burnout as well as increase your creativity.

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