Fleet Tracking Solutions for Fleets of All Sizes

Cutting Edge Fleet Tracking Features from FieldLogix:

garmin fleet tracking 1. Garmin GPS Navigation Interface

Dispatchers can immediately send new calls to an in-vehicle navigation device to route drivers from current locations to their new jobs.




fieldlogix-fleet tracking system-mobile-interface2. Select the Closest Vehicle

Allows dispatchers to select the closest vehicle to a specific destination and provide turn-by-turn directions for the routes.

3. Mileage Report

Displays total miles traveled during a specified time period.




Garmin fleet GPS

4. Excessive Speeding & Idling: Receive alerts when vehicles exceed a maximum speed limit or idle longer than a pre-determined time. You can use these alerts to ensure that your fuel is not being wasted due to poor driving habits.

5. Non-Working Hours Activity: Receive alerts when units operate during non-work hours. This allows you to monitor personal use of vehicles and provides you with a theft recovery tool.

Asset-tracking-maintenance-alert-email6. Maintenance Reminder Alerts: Stay on top of your vehicle maintenance needs by receiving alerts when your units are due for service.




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