Police Officer Busted Tracking Ex-Girlfriend with Police Department GPS

gps tracking court law enforcementThis week an ex-police officer pleaded “No Contest” to using a GPS vehicle tracking device to monitor an ex-girlfriends whereabouts. Records from a courthouse in Westminster, CA said that Aaron Paul Parsons entered the plea to misdemeanor unlawful use of an electronic device.

The ex-girlfriend started to become suspicious after her police officer ex-boyfriend repeatedly started showing up to places where she was.  After they unexpectedly ran into each other a few times, she got worried that he was stalking her, so she had a friend inspect her car.  To her dismay, she found a police department-issued GPS tracking device on her car.

She notified the police and Parsons was arrested. Parsons was facing up to six months in jail if convicted at trial, so he pleaded “no contest” to the charges.  He has been ordered to contribute to the Victim Witness Emergency Fund, according to City News Service.



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