Man Pleads Guilty to Home Burglary, Caught By GPS Tracking Data

gps tracking court law enforcement GPS tracking system data used to catch and convict home robbery suspect in Temecula, CA

Sometimes criminals get away with burglaries, and sometimes they don’t – not when there is solid GPS tracking evidence.

On Christmas Day 2008, Shawn Michael Smith burglarized a home in Temecula, CA. At the time of the robbery, Smith did not realize the work truck he was driving had a GPS tracking device installed under the hood.

During the police investigation, someone in the neighborhood told the police that a tow truck that had not been seen before in the neighborhood was parked near the house during the burglary.  The detectives were able to determine which towing company owned the tow truck.

Police learned that the tow truck was outfitted with a GPS tracking device. Police then subpoenaed the GPS tracking system records and determined that the truck was, in fact, parked in front of the home during the time of the burglary. Shawn Michael Smith was the only driver of the vehicle.

Based on the GPS tracking evidence, the Police arrested Smith. The Riverside District Attorney also used the GPS tracking data to help get a conviction.

The CEO of FieldLogix served as an expert witness to attest to the validity of the GPS tracking system data during Mr. Smith’s criminal trial.  He said, “The defense attorney couldn’t refute the accuracy of the GPS tracking data. Mr. Smith took a plea deal immediately after my testimony.  This was his second felony.”

GPS tracking has become an invaluable tool for criminal investigators and law enforcement. Criminal investigators have found a variety of uses for GPS tracking. GPS tracking can be used to investigate suspected criminals, GPS trackers can be used to monitor individuals on probation or parole, and GPS tracking can be used to locate stolen items.

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