GPS Tracking Catches Employee Driving to Mexico in Company Truck

GPS tracking devices are often used to catch employees doing things they aren’t supposed to be doing. “We’ve seen several instances where managers had no idea what their employees were up to during work hours,” according to FieldLogix, an industry leading GPS fleet tracking system.

One afternoon in San Diego, CA, a driver for Artic Mechanical was completing his daily work near downtown. At the time, the driver did not realize a GPS tracking device was installed under the hood of his work truck. The driver was supposed to be on his way to his next stop, when suddenly the driver went off his scheduled route.

Somehow, the driver ended up in Mexico. At the time, Artic Mechanical had a very limited GPS tracking system. The company couldn’t locate exactly where the driver was, but they knew he had taken the vehicle out of the country. When the driver returned to the office, management asked him how he ended up in Mexico. The driver said that he missed the freeway exit.

After a few incidents like this, the company decided it was time to upgrade their GPS tracking system. Managers really wanted the ability to monitor employees in real-time during work hours. Now, with their new FieldLogix fleet tracking system, Artic Mechanical knows exactly when workers break the speed limit, go home or spend too much time at lunch on the clock. Managers are notified immediately, in real-time.

Certainly most of you have taken the time and money to hire trustworthy individuals, but no one is perfect. For example, speeding can raise fuel costs and increase the chances of an accident. A well-meaning employee who speeds out of habit probably doesn’t think about what this costs the company. A GPS tracking device tracks speeding so managers can be aware of driver’s habits.

Even if tracking employees isn’t an issue, with GPS tracking, it is highly likely that each one of your company vehicles could make at least one more stop, job, or delivery each week. Your operations will be much more efficient if you employ GPS technology. Being able to have a route mapped out will help employees to get work done much faster. If you have several vehicles, do the math, small changes can make a big impact. More deliveries means more satisfied customers and more business.

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