Improve The Delivery Experience For Your Clients

delivery experience

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, it is important for companies delivering products and services to focus on providing a great service delivery experience.

According to a recent study by Microsoft, 90% of US consumers base their loyalty to a brand based on their experience with it.  In addition, 60% of consumers will quickly drop a relationship with a brand if they have a poor experience.

Every touchpoint that a consumer has with your organization forms part of their impression of your brand.  This includes everything from the receptionist answering their calls to the person delivering their products.  Their experience with each of these touch points plays a role as to whether they will become “raving fans” of your brand or will quickly drop you and complain to their friends.  A study by Hubspot even indicates that up to 68% of customers will pay more for products and services from a brand that gives them a good experience.

Fortunately, there are a number of tools available today to help improve your customers’ experience with your brand.  These tools include everything from website chatbots that can answer their questions efficiently to apps that can send ETA’s people who are waiting at home for your employees to show up.   One such tool is the Goose app by FieldLogix.  Organizations throughout the world use Goose to plan optimal delivery routes for their drivers, dispatch the routes to their mobile apps, and send ETA’s to waiting customers.  Their customers can even fill out a survey to provide feedback on their satisfaction after the work is complete. Organizations that use Goose find an immediate improvement in client satisfaction and retention due to the improved delivery experience.

Goose is a tool that can improve your customers’ experience with your brand and help you stand out from the competition.

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