Australia PM Orders Bulletproof BMW Fleet for G20 Summit

Australia’s government has ordered a fleet of bulletproof BMWs ahead of the G20 summit. The government confirmed the purchase of nine 7 Series 760Li vehicles that will be used to protect leaders at this year’s summit.

The fleet, which cost the government $6.2 million, was built to withstand attacks from explosive devices, armor-piercing weapons, and AK47 fire. According to BMW’s website, “The optimized-armor plates are made from an incredibly strong special steel, and fit the bodywork of the car like a second skin. [Also] reducing the number of components also increases the level of protection for the occupants, as there are far fewer potential points of vulnerability.”

An intercom allowing occupants to communicate outside the vehicle, an alarm that sounds in the event of an attack, and a self-sealing gas tank are just some of the features. Seat massages, adjustable seat temperature, and color screens in the vehicles round out the luxury features.

The new fleet will take its first ride during the G20 summit this coming November.

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