5 Ways Fleet Managers Can Lower Liability

     1. Use GPS Tracking

Fleet managers all around the world are implementing GPS Tracking into their businesses. This has helped fleets run more efficiently, more legally and more ethically. The added regulation lessens the liability fleet managers face on a daily basis.

     2. Educate Your DriversStressed

You may or may not be aware of the fact that you are responsible for your drivers’ actions. When something goes wrong, it inevitably comes back to your company, and in turn, you. This is why it is so important to educate the drivers you employ. They should have strong knowledge of road rules, eco-friendly driving and of course, safety on the road. This decreases liability that comes about due to carelessness, ignorance or misinformed drivers.

     3. Hire People You Trust

This seems obvious, but it is vital for an organization to survive. Your fleet drivers are the ones out in the world every day, actively building, or diminishing the value of your company’s reputation. Do not let that slip away because of one or two bad eggs.

     4. Use Fleet Management Daily…Or Hire someone else to

If you have a fleet management system, which you should, use it! There is no better way to keep your company and your fleet up to speed. The whole point of monitoring a fleet is to analyze what the data says about your employees and your business and then optimize it. Some tracking systems like FieldLogix, do all of this for you and even emails you the results.

     5. Be Green

Today more than ever, companies are making big changes in order to be more green both for ethical reasons and marketing purposes. Besides, at the speed that environmental law is turning out new regulations for vehicles and fuel usage, why not be ahead of the game? There are many simple tweaks that can save fleet owners thousands of dollars and hours readjusting their practices to be in accordance with environmental laws that are continuously being enacted in the service and delivery industry.

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