2 Ways GPS Tracking Helps Lower Pollution

PollutionMany drivers are unaware of the power they hold by being behind the wheel. They have the ability to drastically increase, or decrease the pollution that surrounds them. It is of course important to do your part when it comes to reducing pollution on Earth, but sometimes when you’re a business that requires the use of a large fleet, it seems impossible.

Fortunately, this mindset is not true! There are several ways for vehicles that are setup with GPS Tracking to contribute to the battle against pollution and global warming.

  1. Monitoring Drivers’ Speed

It is really important that companies keep an eye on the speed their drivers reach when carrying out jobs. Speeding has major repercussions on the environment because the faster a vehicle goes, the higher its pollutant emissions become. GPS Tracking systems like FieldLogix have data reports and alerts that can be set up in order to allow dispatchers and managers to monitor drivers’ speed and notify them when it is at a detrimental level. This helps managers avoid liability, drivers avoid injury and helps the Earth avoid harmful consequences.

  1. Reduce Drivers’ Idling

Idling is when the engine is on and running but the vehicle is not actually moving. Many drivers do so when they are on a break or when trying to warm up their vehicle. This wastes tons of fuel and costs loads when it becomes a regularity. It is actually much less wasteful to turn off the engine completely and restart it when ready to go. There is a lot that can be done to educate drivers about idling and how avoiding it provides fuel savings. It is a quick and simple fix that has saved fleets thousands of dollars in fuel wastage and has significantly decreased the harmful pollutants that are released when a vehicle idles.

At the end of the day, if you are able to accurately monitor your drivers and their behavior, you will be better equipped to educate them about better driving habits. This will help preserve the Earth, as well as the contents of your wallet.

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