Case Study | Simplifying Supervision

See how an audio company improved driver supervision

Since 2000, Audio Impact has been customizing home theaters and automation systems to fit the needs of their customers. They have grown to be premier company with services ranging from basic TV installation to creating unique home atmospheres with climate control, lighting, and more.

With high demand of their services and innovative technology, Audio Impact found that keeping time tracking logs for their technicians was difficult. They were also concerned about personal use of the company vehicles outside of normal work hours.

Now, Audio Impact is happy to say, “Having easy records and logs of where our drivers went, and when, greatly simplifies the endeavor. We love it!” FieldLogix helps the company’s management team know where their drivers are at all times and they can view when they arrive and complete each task. They also receive alerts if the vehicles are operated outside of normal working hours. This reduces the likelihood that they would be liable for accidents that could occur if the vans are being used for personal activities.