Case Study Improving Communication

See how a lighting company used Goose to improve customer service

Since 2010, The Lighting Empire has proudly been providing outstanding residential and commercial lighting services with competitive pricing. They value providing top quality and up-to-date equipment to ensure that their customers experience great service.

In order to provide exceptional lighting services, their technicians need to be responsive and must be able to stay in contact at all times of the work day. The owner wanted an all-in-one solution that allowed him to see where the technicians were throughout the day and easily dispatch jobs out to them.

The Lighting Empire uses Goose in conjunction with FieldLogix’s fleet management solution to help solve some of their management problems. With Goose, the dispatcher can send messages and notes over to the technicians, who then notify customers when they are going to arrive with an ETA alert. Then, with FieldLogix’s fleet management system The Lighting Empire is able to track their vehicles and be notified of any abnormal activities, such as the vehicle going out of its service area or any aggressive driving events. The service has helped them significantly improve their planning and management challenges and has helped them step up their customer service.