Case Study | Accurate ETAs

See how a meal delivery company used FieldLogix to improve operations

Fresh and Fit Meals is a firm believer in making healthy meals easier and more affordable. By shopping, cooking, and preparing your meals they simplify the process of eating healthy. They have 10 delivery drivers who deliver to a solid fan base of food lovers in San Diego and they are continuing to expand.

Before Goose, it took their shipment manager 8-16 hours each week to create their delivery routes. Routing was based on the manager’s knowledge of the area and when he was out of the office they scrambled to try and organize routes. Delivery times were another concern because their clients didn’t want their food to sit on the doorstep longer than necessary. The company’s drivers were forced to individually text message their client 15 minutes prior to arrival, which didn’t always happen.

Their dispatcher, Alonso, uses Goose to build delivery routes in minutes. Immediately upon using Goose, he proclaimed “You just gave me my weekends back”. He also says that he “loves Goose and how it helps with Customer Service, [so] when our customers call about their delivery we have an answer for them. We know exactly what stop number they’re on in their route and where they’re heading.” Additionally, drivers can save time and keep their customers in the loop with one-click ETA alerts. Their customers get a picture of the driver and know their exact ETA’s so they are ready for the food when it arrives. Fresh and Fit Meals can now deliver delicious meals with outstanding customer service right to their customers’ doorsteps and they believe that Goose is the key to even greater expansion of their business.